Tierfutter, Lebensmittel, Süßwaren, Chemie

interVIB liefert lebensmittelkonforme Schwing- und Siebmaschinen mit möglichst wenig Toträumen und einfacher Reinigbarkeit.

interVIB delivers food grade Vibratory Equipment having an eye on design. Minimizing dead spots and easy to clean design is our standard. 

Most commonly applications are Metering Conveyors MC feeding packaging equipment or multi head scales. The trough of the Vibratory Conveyors TCV is designed for easy cleaning, either with smooth surface, but also as dimpled surface conveying sticky goods by minimizing the contact spots. 

Another very important piece of equipment for this industry are interVIB’s Screening Conveyors VS cleaning raw materials at the receiving area like coffee or grain, but also cleaning finished product from dust and fines like pellets or flakes.

A combination of Bunker Discharge Conveyors BDC and Vibratory Screen VSL solves the metered discharge out of bins and silos and adds sieving out fines before hammer mills or similar reducing wear in the production area.


Because of the easy to clean surfaces interVIB’s vibratory equipment is the standard to choose. Various options can be chosen – interVIB’s technical staff will assist finding the best solution possible.

Conveying ignitable goods we can delivery machines according ATEX standards.

Standardprodukte, welche individuell angepasst werden

interVIB findet die passende Lösung für ihre Förderaufgabe – sauber und zuverlässig.

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