Screening Technology


Circular Vibratory Screen, Ellipse Vibratory Screen or Linear Vibratory Screen – Intervib does have all of them. You name the product to be graded and we give you the suitable solution. If more than one grading fraction needs to be separated in one piece of equipment, Multi Deck Screens are the choice.

Maschine_VSinterVIB is very keen having excellent accessibility and cleanability of the screening surface. Furthermore the screening deck is low-wear design and will be tensioned either longitudinally or cross wise, sometimes it will be bolted in, always depending on the screening task.

The dimensioning of the screen bottom or mesh depends on the conveyed good. Just giving some examples pellets, coffee beans or animal feed have great grading results using wire mesh, either square or rectangular shaped. Talking about the Gravel Industry or Recycling grid screens or perforated plates are the screen design to choose. Even the utilized screen material makes a big different. Very abrasive goods should be graded onto screens made from synthetics, which are more wear resistant. Special ball decks will keep your screen clear from wedged-in particles. As you might recognize, there are many possibilities to reach your screening goal. The interVib engineers will give you detailed information and advice.

Maschine_VSCA further support for the optimum in your screening results offers the electronic control. Especially when transferring various conveying goods through the same vibratory screen, different throwing angles, traveling speeds or frequencies will upgrade the separation effect, but also will tread your product gently.

Intervib grade your product selective and reliable.

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