Vibratory Emission

Vibratory Emission can occur directly when leading vibration directly into the foundation (solid-borne sound), but also by air-borne sound (infrasound) resulting from large surface vibratory machinery. That is why vibration deletion is focused by interVIB engineers always. In advance during the first calculations the interVIB engineers provide the customer with all static and dynamic loads.

Procedure against solid-borne sound

There are different solutions to avoid solid-borne sound. The operating user is building his facilty very massive which may not be the best solution money-wise or enviormentally. The better idea is eleminating the indroduction into the structure. interVIB offers different technical solutions. A simple frequency controller can solve the issues changing the emitting frequency by a different rotational speed of the drive motors when meeting the resonance frequency of the building.

If the structural strength of the facility is weak, the emitted vibrating can be reduced enormously by using air springs instead of helicoil springs or rubber buffers.

Air spring can reduce the vibration almost down to zero. Since interVIB’s spring supports are bolted on in most of the cases, this change can be done later on easily for almost every type of machine.

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Also have a look at our Video on youtube showing the improvement impressively:

Another solution is less maintenance complex.

Counter frames with coil springs underneath the actual vibratory equipment will reduce the solid-borne sound. The working springs of the actual vibratory machine are not connected to the foundation directly. The additional helicoil springs of the counter frame will compensate the frequency. The counter frame is a massive structure up to 2-3 times additional weight of the machine weight. This increases the static load but the design and maintenance is easy to handle.

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Many times the geological soil properties are not known exactly or after long rain periods the ground water level rises. This influences the vibration transfer and the resonance frequency might be met in a neighbor building. A first step is to change the revolution speed of the drives by a frequency converter, if a counter frame was not the choice in advance. If this does not bring he final solution change to air springs.

Procedures against air-borne sound

Infrasound is a non-audible oscillation travelling through the air. It is underneath 20Hz and can occur from large surface vibratory machines, when meeting the resonance frequency of the room. It can excite human’s organs resulting a sickish feeling of unknown origin. This kind of oscillation can travel several 100 meters and can occur maybe in next building.

Building an acoustic booth or changing the revolution speed of the drives can solve this issue.

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