Resonance Conveyor

interVIB Resonance Conveyor RC find their employment in many different applications as dependable and easy to clean conveyors in all fields of industry, but also as special picking conveyors in the foundry industry.

Conveying, picking, sorting – all is applicable

Different ideas for different tasks gives the best result

How to get an interVIB vibratory equipment?


Get in contact with us, either via phone, mail or stop by in person.


Our technical department takes time for you and listens to your tasks and needs. Together we find the best solution for you. If needed, proposal drawings can be made up.


Most likely your individual vibratory equipment is ready to deliver after 10-14 weeks standard. Aftersales service is a must.

Ask your interVIB specialists for consultancy and we will find your perfect solution- technically and price wise.

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