Electronic Control and Vario-Gearbox-Unit VGU

According to the conveying task an electronic controller can be required. Many times various conveying goods will be transported on the same production line, like animal feed ingredients or different castings in size and weight. Miscellaneous solutions can be offered to manipulate the vibration parameters:


Controlling by Frequency Converter

A frequency converter controls the revolutions of the electrical motor. This changes the induced acceleration to the conveying good. This is a simple control for Metering Conveyor , some of your products need a more gentle treatment or just for changing the conveying capacity.

This control is similar to the thyristor control for magnetic drives.


Both controls are changing the accelerating energy which changes the vibration frequency as well. For many conveying tasks this is an adequate control. Furthermore this is a simple solution, if you have any issues with vibration emission. A little change by an frequency converter can change a lot in emission.

Electronic Control by Vario-Gearbox-Unit VGU

TechnischeInfo_Elektr-Regelung-mittels-Drehimpulsg-UnterseiteinterVib offers a very convenient solution to manipulate various vibration parameters. This turnkey Electronic Controller manages conveying capacity, trough acceleration, throwing angle, rotation frequency and product duration on the conveyor. Rotary Pulse Encoder read the exact position of the masses of the unbalanced motors and controls their position in between tenth of seconds.

The selection can be typed in at the touch panel directly or from switch room, if it is connected by bus-system into the customer’s PLC. Furthermore you can chose from pre dialed in programs for your specific products and the changes are made online in a tenth of second without stopping the machinery.

There are many application examples which brought up lots of advantages to the customer’s production processes and product quality. Some Vibratory Screen Conveyor handle more than 30 different conveying goods and each product might need a little difference in throwing angle or duration time in relation to grain size and distribution. When separating moulding sand from castings the time of duration and the implemented acceleration into the casting can make the big difference for the best result, but also in gentle handling of small and fragile castings. All castings need to pass the same continuous shake out and the Electronic Control gives the best benefit. It is even possible using your vibratory conveyor as a buffer when adjusting the throwing angle vertical. InterVib always is keen to gain the best separation effect possible.

This Electronic Control at its best comes as a turnkey system with electrical cabinet and can be connected to your PLC via bus-system. Additionally you can add an energy recovery system which returns electric energy back into your net while slowing down the motors. This decreases your energy consumption and reduces heat development.