TechnischeInfo_AntriebeThere many different possibilities to excite vibration and oscillation.

InterVib always choses the best possibility for your specific application. We point some of the most common vibration exciter. There are many more types and alternatives we will explain to you personally on demand according some examples:

Magnetic Vibrator

These drives have a linear in-out movement. They find their application for Trough Conveyor up to a trough weight of 2,000kg and a trough length of 3,000mm like Metering Conveyor. The frequency can be manipulated by a thyristor Controller which controls the conveying capacity. Usually Magnetic Vibrators are grease free and need no maintenance.

Unbalanced Motor

These drives find their application for trough weights up to 10,000kg and a trough lengths of up to 8,000mm. They can work a single motor as circular motion which results a declining design of the trough. Working as a pair, they conveyor is a linear motion conveyor. The motors will synchronize automatically. These conveyors can convey in an inclining design.

Unbalanced Motor can be mounted on top, underneath, lateral but also on the back wall of the vibration conveyor. The location is a matter of free space on site and easy access for maintenance. Furthermore specific motor location are qualified for the electronic control which can adjust various oscillating parameters and different conveying behavior.

Unbalanced Exciter

An Unbalanced Exciter are basically rotating masses which are synchronized to each other via sprockets in a gear box. These drives find their application in very large Vibratory Conveyor with a trough weight up to 25,000kg.

Cell Drive and Unbalanced Shafts

At tight fit installations or heavy loads a Cell Drive or Unbalanced Shafts find their application. These a special designs built by interVib saving space. The unbalanced masses will be installed directly underneath the trough. Both designs are driven through a drive shaft by standard AC-motors. It is possible connecting both drive shafts by v-belts or gearboxes using a single drive motor only. Using two motors, one for each unbalanced mass system, enables us using the electronic control to manipulate the vibration parameters.

Push Rod Drive

The Push Rod Drive find ist application for Resonance Conveyor. InterVib has wide range of standardized Push Rod Drives for different tasks. This is a modular design giving the advantage of many times proven techniques.

Two Mass System

One big advantage of the Two Mass System is, that not the trough, but the exciter mass is the driven mass via coupling springs. This results much smaller drive motors, because the needed amplitude smaller by far. This system is energy efficient and initiates less dynamic loads into the foundation.