Shake Out (continuously)


interVib is offering continuous and stationary Shake Outs separating the castings from the moulding sand. Continuous Shake Outs are transporting the castings while separating for a constant operating foundry plant. All Shake Outs made by interVib have one thing in common, they are robust and tough built, resisting impacts from heavy castings falling of a certain height.

Maschine_SOC-02The design of the trough’s bottom plate is following the application and customer’s request. The openings are beveled on the underside avoiding plug ups and the size of the openings are compared to the smallest parts to be conveyed. The number of openings (open surface) depend on the amount of moulding sand to be separated in this state of the process. Sometimes it is beneficial keeping some moulding sand underneath some fragile castings avoiding any damages. The perforated bottom sheets and also the wear plates should be bolted in for easy exchange.

The kind and location of the drive also follows the specific application but also the available space. Also the shape and design of trough is customized to your needs. Just to give an example, lining up cylinder heads into lengthwise position can be achieved by the shape of the trough’s shape simplifying the next production step.

Maschine_SOC-01Amplitude, acceleration and throwing angle influences the separating result, but also effects the handling oft he castings. The ideal solution is offered by our electronic control and VGU. Depending on the weight, undercut, dead spots, requested gentle handling of your casting and the required amount of separated moulding sand all these parameters can be manipulated by this controller. Either you choose from a saved program or manipulate directly, it all takes part during operation without stopping the line. You can even use this continuous shake out as a buffering machine.

interVib separates large truck engine blocks, delicate grates but also small bearing housings – gently and reliable

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