Resonance Conveyor


interVib Resonance Conveyor find their employment in many different applications as dependable and easy to clean conveyors in all fields of industry, but also special picking conveyors in the foundry industry. They can transport conveying goods over a distance of 40m with one single machine. They can be equipped with absorber technology reducing dynamics loads which eliminates extra strong baseplates. Furthermore we have developed very energy efficient drive concepts. Another advantage are Resonance Conveyors which can be designed as curves.

Maschine_RCIn the following we will introduce different ways how to built Resonance Conveyors and their specific characteristics. The most common designs are Resonance Conveyors anchored directly onto the foundation, Resonance Conveyor with mass counter frame and Resonance Conveyor with absorber technology, just to name out the most significant ones.

Resonance Conveyor do have only one variance resulting from its design using leaf springs and the assigned direction of implemented force.

The most basic Resonance Conveyor will be anchored to the foundation directly. The trough is driven by connecting rods and coupling springs and is energy efficient. The dynamic loads are transferred into the foundation directly.

The dynamic loads can be compensated by a mass counter frame which is installed between the Resonance Conveyor and the foundation. The static load increases, but the initiated dynamic loads are reduced enormously. The ratio between trough weight and counter frame mass is important and adhesions inside the trough should be minimized as much as possible, since the oscillating mass increases from product built up.

Both systems have one thing in common, the payload (trough) is driven directly. Another way is to excite a counter mass. This will initiate the oscillation into the trough indirectly, which will safe driving energy enormously since the needed amplitude is much smaller. This system is pretty insensitive against any malfunctions as the above mentioned adhesion.

From the technical point of view a Resonance Conveyor with Absorber Technology is the best solution. The ratio between static and dynamic load is balanced at its optimum resulting compensation between all oscillating masses. Trough dimensions of 2.000mm width and 50.000mm in length can be realized with one single conveyor which will brought to site in modules. It conveys very gentle and silent with the possibility of a sliding transport and finds its application as picking conveyor in the foundries or any other industry which requires gentle handling or large conveying capacities. This is the best technology of resonance conveying by far and interVib will train your maintenance staff perfectly.

No matter which technology you chose, intervib will provide you with all information about static and dynamic load during your planning period already. This enables you doing all calculation for foundation in an early state of your layouts.

Ask our interVib specialists for consultancy and we will find your perfect solution- technically and price wise.