Cooling Conveyor


Cooling Conveyor can be delivered as Vibratory Trough Conveyor or Resonance Conveyor. The conveying leg is used to cool down components, like castings, or any bulk materials, like moulding sand, during their transport. This process can be upgraded by a hood on top of the conveyor line. An additional air flow through speeds up the cooling. In some cases it is possible to blow in air from underneath through a perforated bottom. Moulding sand can be conditioned or castings can be cooled down quicker with additional water nozzles. If a longer dwell time is required, maybe because of different part dimensions, an electronic control can handle this special demand.

Additional processing plants for sand reclamation or filtering from our /partner/ can be planned by our /process engineering department/ including sensors and controls. Intervib provides you with detailed advice personally at your site.

interVib is offering you single components, but also complete lines, including installation and initial start up – we are your one-stop-shop.