Lump Breaker


interVIB’s Vibratory Lump Breaker pulverizes mould sand chunks or similar agglomerates. The chunks grind each other until the flowable conveying good will be discharged automatically and continuously.

Maschine_LBThe inside has a bolted on wear plate lining, easily and quickly changeable. Many time casting parts like sprues are included into this product . These embeddings can be ejected through a special door, which also gives easy access for maintenance and cleaning.

All operating condition do not need any special electronic controls. The interVib lump breaker realizes all operations by its smart design. Since the InterVib Lump Breaker has no moving parts inside the product stream, the wear and tear is almost eliminated, especially compared to mechanical mills or rotation breaker.

InterVib offers Vibratory Lump Breaker up to a machine width of 2.500mm.