Charging Machines


Moving Charging Machines find their application in metered filling of any kind of melting furnace. The main components are storage hopper, vibratory conveyor, motorized base frame, bolted discharge and a tight fit hood meeting the furnace’s pivoting hood. An additional hopper on top can be installed for additives. This is the most cost effective and reliable way feeding furnaces gently and metered in the foundry and steel work industry. In a constricted room situation utilizing crane driven charging tubs or attachable charging hoppers may be the possible solution.

Maschine_CM-Charging-Machine-ChargiermaschineinterVib Charging Machines come with standardized hopper volumes from 2 to 25 t and will be customized to your needs. The discharge nose end will be modified the the required bearing-out, the furnace infeed diameter and the connection to the pivoting hood. The detailed adjustments between furnace manufacture and the interVib Charging machine can be communicated directly. This ensures the best product and performance benefit. We develop any needed alternative to your required demands.

Every Charging Machine will work according performance level D naturally for safety reasons. Rope switches, food guards and safety shutdown boards are standard. Any further safety equipment can be integrated into the control system. Any data transfer can be handled either by wire, Bluetooth or WLAN. Electric power supply is managed by cable reel, cable drag chain or any other special solution. Our motorized drive frame is low design saving height and can be design as cross travelling frame as well.

Reducing the noise emission the conveyor through will be built in sandwich design with noise insulating materials in between. The bolted on nose end is insulated by heat resistant material. Low rpm unbalanced motors reduce the noise level additionally.

Practical knowledge shows the high standard state of the art technology. interVib’s Charging Machines bring the latest engineering into your production, user friendly and robust, durability at high availability and low cost of ownership, just to name out some.

Special designed trough geometry and a pivoting flap avoid pinching or uncontrolled flooding of the scrap metall.

As special alternative for furnace feeding equipment we should mention interVib’s Charging Buckets and hydraulic operated Intermediate Hopper. These can be either single operated for direct feeding or act in combination with a Charging Machine for process speed up. Another speciality is the Charging Machine with Removable Hopper. This Removable Hopper is loaded at the charge makeup area and will be transferred and attached to the Charging Machine via crane. The hopper is locked and the pivoting flap is unlocked fully automatically at the same time. In this case the hopper is functioning as the trough for the vibratory feeder.

interVIB will find a suitable and cost-efficient solution feeding your furnace professionally – always.

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