Bunker Discharge Conveyor


Maschine_BDC-Bunkerrinne-Bunker-discharge-ConveyorBunker Discharge Conveyor made by InterVib offering you various advantages. A gentle handling of your conveyed product is guaranteed, because of a sliding conveying. Furthermore the wear and tear on trough is keep to a minimum since we have no moving parts inside the product flow. All surfaces inside are even and easy to clean. The so called casing shoe is the connection between the bin and can be equipped with a feeder gate manipulating the conveying capacity.

Maschine_BDC-Bunker-Abzugsrinne-bunker-discharge-conveyorinterVib engineers chose the suited drive according to the task. Irrespectively of the conveyed product, if it shots or bridges, we will find the perfect Bunker Discharge Conveyor for you.
InterVib keeps your product in motion, but also stops the product flow immediately when needed.