Shake Out (stationary)


Stationary Shake Outs to not convey the product like continuous shake outs. They find their application in single production or separating moulding sand from very large casting up to 100 tons per piece. Intervib delivers different designs, completely welded, but also bolted versions for easier installation and maintenance. All versions come with bolted on and perforated bottoms for easy changing. Furthermore we offer a very low profile design with external AC-drives connected by drive shafts.

Maschine_SOSThere are no limits in table sizes and the grit bottom will be designed the customers needs. This way you will receive your individual solution based on interVib’s know-how. We also equip your shake out with a hopper like base frame collecting the moulding sand. We even realize the continuous conveying and returning of the moulding sand into your process.

For interVib it is important separating casting and moulding sand at its optimum treating your castings gently at the same time.

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