Animal Feed, Food, Confectionary, Chemical Industry

Branche_Lebensmittel_VSL-Vibratory-Screening-Conveyor-LinearschwingsiebinterVIB delivers food grade Vibratory Equipment having an eye on design. Minimizing dead spots and easy to clean design is our standard. Even unbalanced motors can be delivered made from stainless steel completely for applications in wet areas.

Most commonly applications are Metering Conveyors feeding packaging equipment or multi head scales. The trough of the Vibratory Conveyors is designed for easy cleaning, either with smooth surface, but also as dimpled surface conveying sticky goods by minimizing the contact spots. Anther very important piece of equipment for this industry are interVib’s Screening Conveyors. For instance they find their applications as single deck or multiple deck Screening Machines in animal feed plants or for grading cereals. Cleaning raw or roasted coffee beans is another common task we solve. Another example is the chemical industry having various recipes for detergents or fertilizer. InterVib’s Hopper Discharge Conveyor deliver the exact amount of the ingredients from each storage bin without any product shooting, bridging or blocking.

Branche_Lebensmittel_VSC-vibratory-Screening-conveyor--KreisschwingsiebBecause of the easy to clean surfaces interVib’s vibratory equipment is the standard to choose. Conveying ignitable goods we can delivery machines according ATEX standards.

interVib has the proper solution for your conveying task – clean and reliable.