Gravel, Cement, Mortar, Glass Industry

Branche_Erzaufbereitung-BroschVibratory Conveyor and Vibratory Screens, including grid screens and bar grate screens, made by interVib you will find in stone pits, mortar mixing plants, finishing plants or cement plants. Primary screening of rocks in the pits, but also highly selective screening avoiding oversized particles behind milling plants are the tasks to solve. Also in the glass industry our robust and low-wear troughs show their advantage conveying and grading abrasive goods. Complementing your production line, storage hopper with Hopper Discharge Conveyor can be part of interVib’s delivery giving you a constant product flow after the batch filling from your excavator.

Branche_Sand-Steine-Erden-GravelindustryVibratory Equipment from interVib has no moving parts inside the product flow resulting a very low-wear situation and low cost of ownership.

Count on reliable vibratory equipment made by interVIB.